Rivals Working Together? – Google Assist Apple Product Launch With Custom Knowledge Graphs

It’s fair to say we have been engulfed by the unveiling of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch this week but if you’re keen to learn more about the devices, you can rely on one of Apple’s biggest rivals to fill you in.


That’s right, it’s Google and they’ve reacted in a somewhat surprising fashion by providing Apple with an exclusive Knowledge Graph that features detailed information about the three devices, including an in-depth description and all the necessary specifications.

All you have to do is search for any of the three gadgets unveiled by Google on Tuesday and head to the right of the search page, where you’ll be greeted by a new Knowledge Graph design that’s specifically designed to provide you with an introduction to the devices.

So why are Google helping out such a phenomenal rival? It turns out that Apple and Google have worked together to build these exclusive Knowledge Graphs, which are usually the result of information taken from a number of different sources, including Wikipedia.

It’s certainly something out of the ordinary as far as Google are concerned, as they rarely compile information in this manner and often rely on automation for all search products. However, it does seem to have coincided with a huge spike in searches for terms related to the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

Google have stated that no payment between themselves and Apple was included in the agreement to display this information and have also claimed that this was one of a few exclusive Knowledge Graphs provided during product launches.

What do Google have in store for the future? Can they match the huge success Apple are likely to achieve as a result of these new devices? You’d think they may have something up their sleeve if they’re prepared to assist the developments of a direct rival!

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