Search Engine Optimisation

Welcome to a new week of SEO and all matters relating to Internet Marketing. As we talked about in previous articles and I seem to be going on and on about it, but it is really important to stress  how crucial it is for continued SEO on your site in order for it to remain up there in the rankings. Google have in recent times carried out mayor updates to their algorithms (algorithms are formulas search engines use to rank websites). In recent times we saw Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. The Panda update shocked many established websites into action as they saw significant changes to their rankings virtually overnight. The search engines have for a long time been striving to bring up more accurate results and improve the visitor’s experience. It is frustrating when we do a search for something and have to traipse through website after website marketing irrelevant things in relation to what you actually searched for. The search engines are well aware of this issue and have been trying to rectify it; however, many other well established websites were innocently demoted. This leads to a further issue of analytics. I am hooked on statistics and must admit that sitting in front of a screen analysing figures and data is a fascinating experience, especially, looking at historical data and see daily improvements as well as being able to put into place any alterations which may be needed if one of the search engines updates affect rankings.

As a well established expert Surrey SEO company, we carry out many different types of on-going analysis on your website which are so important to keeping your site at the top of search engine rankings.