SEO Basics – Title Tags, what are they and how can they help?

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When you’re browsing a website or looking through Google search results, you will without a doubt end up seeing title tags on almost every page that you click on. When done correctly, title tags can be very beneficial for you, your business and the people visiting your website. A good title tag will also improve the overall optimisation of your website and improve click through rates. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at what title tags are and how they can help improve your click through rates and overall SEO.

What is a title tag?

A title tag is a short snippet of text that shows the title of your page in search result pages and browser tabs. For example, if you hover over the tab for this post in your browser you will see the title tag we have added. A good title tag is typically short, contains one or two keywords related to the page, a pipe command (This character: | ) and then your company name. This helps to show your readers what the page is all about, as well as sending positive signals to Google.


Title Tag


The recommended length for a title tag is 50-60 characters. A title that is too long will not display properly on Google, so it is important to keep within this limit. However, different devices may only be able to show title tags at different lengths. You might have written a great title tag that displays correctly in Google on a desktop, but it could be too long to show correctly on a mobile device.

As with all aspects of Search Engine Optimisation, keyword stuffing is frowned upon. This looks spammy and will drive away potential customers, as well as sending negative signals to Google which will result in your page ranking much lower.

Luckily if you’re using WordPress, you can easily add title tags in using plugins. If you’re on a different Content Management System (CMS) you will probably need to add this to the html on each page in head section, for example <title>Internet Marketing and SEO Agency in Sussex | Artemis</title>. Speak to your site administrator to find out the best way of adding these in on your website.

Why are Title Tags useful and how can they improve my SEO?

Title tags have two main benefits. Firstly, they are a great way of getting visitors to click through to your page from search result pages. A short and tidy title tag with a clear message could make all the difference when a potential client is looking through the search results. Good click through rates from well written title tags also send positive signals to Google, making your page more likely to rank higher. If you have a poorly structured title tag, you could end up unintentionally sending prospective clients to competitors with better title tags.

Keywords in title tags help to send signals and let Google know what your page is about. Not having a keyword in your title tag can dramatically reduce your chances of ranking higher, especially if your competitors are using well-structured title tags with the terms that you’re trying to target. Having the keyword close to the start of your title tag will also help Google to see it easier. Remember not to use too many keywords and to write a nice, short title tag, as Google will be more likely to rank this higher.

A quick recap

  • A title tag is a snippet of text that shows in search results and in browser tabs.
  • Keep your title tags short and make sure they are well written. Avoid keyword spam!
  • Title tags help customers know what your page is about and improve click through rates.
  • A good title tag will send positive signals to Google, making your page likely to rank higher.

If you would like to discuss the subject covered in this blog or any other SEO concerns, get in touch with our professional SEO team today. Keep an eye on our blog for more SEO advice and updates.