Spanish Internet Usage

Here at Artemis we have preached for a long time that Spain’s Internet usage is on the up and although there is some way to go before the Spanish use and interact on websites the same as some other nations, it is growing at a rapid rate.

A recent study by comScore in September 2010 found that Spanish Internet users and now engaging with the highly popular Social Media sites, with a staggering 90.1% of the Spanish population now being reached via social media.

The main driving forces behind this massive increase in Spain are Facebook and Tuenti which have now become a part of the everyday lives of many Spanish (and Spanish speaking) people in Spain. This of course offers great opportunities for marketing companies and of course advertisers.

Artemis Internet Marketing is a leading marketing company offering SEO services in Spain and has done so since 2003. With many Spanish SEO projects already underway. We are now seeing far more movement in the Spanish SEO market so the research appears to be spot on.

The results of the data from comScore show that Internet portals were the most popular website category, reaching a massive 99% of Spain’s 23.5 million web users. In second place were search engine sites like Google and in third place were social media platforms like Facebook. In fact Facebook reaches 49% of the Spanish online population with 14.2 million unique visitors in September (the month the data was collated).

Unusually Microsoft sites achieved some 20.9 million visitors which reaches nearly every Spanish Internet user. Google websites which include YouTube are increasing in popularity having grown by 17% equating to 19.6 million users.

The other expected online players came in next with Yahoo and Wikipedia but the suprise in sixth place was Spanish publishing house Grupo Prisa.

Going further down the rankings you will find that Schibsted is on the up too with a 15% increase year on year. Schibsted includes popular online sites such as Anuntis, Infojobs and 20minutos all of which now achieved some 8.7 million visitors in September of this year.

A social media website to keep an eye on is Tuenti which has hit the radar with a 21% increase in visitors to 8.3 million year on year for September 2010.

Artemis Internet Marketing is constantly studying the online market place so that we can continue to provide effective and successful Internet marketing to clients in Spain and the UK.

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