The Changing Tide of Advertising

The future is here, the future is digital advertising! I don’t think I am coming up with a revolutionary statement by saying this, however, the tide is certainly turning and at a very rapid pace. Interestingly enough, according to reliable sources, TV and press advertising is set to drop by some £350 million this year alone; this is taking all advertising during the Olympics in to account. Newspaper advertising had been predicted to drop by approximately 3% this year in comparison to last; however, this figure has now been revised to 6.3% a little more than double the original estimate. Even with this downward spiral in traditional marketing, however, there is a growth forecast of approximately 3.4% as opposed to the 3% originally reported in December.  The increase in expected revenue from marketing for 2012 is to come from digital media advertising with an expected £5.35 billion being spent in internet marketing this year alone.

This is all great news for us as we have been involved in digital media advertising for many years and are experts in all aspects of internet marketing in Surrey and Sussex, we can certainly testify and verify from the way in which our business has grown over the years as well as by speaking with our clients who have reduced their traditional marketing budgets in favour of internet marketing; this has resulted in a noticeable increase in their business and of course their profits, it has given them a much wider catchment area as well as being able to promote their products and services in a much bigger scale.

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