The Complete Guide to Evergreen Content

evergreen content

Evergreen content is the kind of informative, useful content that stays relevant long after you hit “publish.” It isn’t tied to temporary trends or timely happenings that will soon fade away. The timeless, enduring quality of evergreen content keeps attracting visitors and driving engagement month after month, which is great news for businesses.

For smart digital marketers and content creators, evergreen content is an incredibly valuable asset. As a new year approaches, now’s the perfect time to look at your content strategy and see where you could repurpose or spruce up some of your existing content to help boost efficiency and make the most of your resources.

Why is Evergreen Content Valuable for Businesses?

The value of evergreen content for businesses can’t be understated. For starters, it saves considerable time and resources – rather than continually having to produce new content to stay relevant, evergreen content can be updated and refreshed as needed. The heavy lifting has already been done, leaving more time for other marketing priorities.

Another benefit of publishing timeless content is that it builds authority and trust with your audience. Informative content demonstrates that you’re a true expert in your field. What’s more, readers appreciate companies who provide value rather than just promotional fodder. The more quality evergreen content you have, the more it solidifies your brand as an industry leader.

This also delivers long-term SEO value, accumulating backlinks and rankings over months and years. In a sense, evergreen content acts as a traffic engine, driving new visitors from organic searches. While trendy content quickly fades, evergreen content keeps working for your business. It provides maximum marketing value for the time invested.

Tips for Managing Evergreen Content

Don’t just publish and forget

One common mistake businesses make with their content is to set it and forget it. While evergreen content stays relevant in general, it still requires maintenance and care. Make sure to periodically update statistics, facts, examples, links and any other parts of your content that may become outdated. This keeps the content feeling fresh but also accurate for your readers. Aim to revisit evergreen content every few months to catch any parts needing a refresh.

Repurpose content for different formats

An efficient way to breathe new life into evergreen content is by repurposing it into different formats. Turn a written blog post into a video tutorial, a podcast episode or a visual infographic for sharing on social media. Existing content makes repurposing a quick task, and presenting the content in new ways expands your audience reach.

Surface old content in new ways

Don’t let old evergreen content get buried deep in your site archives. Link to it in new content when it’s relevant to the topic, reshare it periodically on social media channels or feature it again in newsletters. Find creative ways to showcase your content for new visitors who missed it the first time.

Add new perspectives

Evergreen content often has room for expansion. Consider writing updated versions that provide a new angle or perspective while preserving the core content to improve the quality and information you’re providing your readers. For example, a beginner’s guide could be expanded into an advanced guide touching on new topics.

Expand into a series

For broader topics, you can break the content down into a series of in-depth assets rather than one long piece. For example, turn an overview of a topic into multiple articles providing a 360-degree look at the subject. This not only enables you to stretch one piece of content into something more detailed but also allows your readers to dive deep into one aspect of a topic that may be more relevant to them.

Evergreen content should be a cornerstone of any strong content marketing strategy. With the right approach, your content can serve as a vehicle for continual growth, engagement and results for your business. The new year provides the perfect opportunity to review your content and double down on evergreen topics.

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