Twitter launches Analytics service

Twitter has been busy recently… not that you’d know it. It has opened its new Analytics service, which can be used to monitor the performance of your recent tweets and find out a little bit more about your recent followers.

It’s not especially hard to do this yourself, but it’s nice that Twitter is jumping on the bandwagon which allows us to scrutinise every inch of our web activity in the finest detail. It’s also handy to have all of this data in one place where it can easily be sorted.

Statistical analysis

If you’re using Twitter as part of your digital marketing campaign, it can be really useful to see which tweets have had the best responses. This might be in terms of retweets, replies or favourites, so it depends on what you want people to do with your tweets. Ideally, to get your tweets seen by the most people, you should be looking at what people have been retweeting from your account.

This can help you create a better targeted Twitter campaign to make sure you’re providing content people want to share. While Twitter Analytics isn’t yet especially comprehensive, simply putting all this data together is a helpful step forward, and we should keep a beady eye on what other features are added to this in the future.