We’re Recruiting Again! We Need a Super SEO Geek

I Love SEO

It really has been a very busy and exciting year for us here at Artemis.  We’ve been growing and expanding and we’re particularly proud of our very high technical in-house SEO knowledge and abilities, especially in solving complex indexing and ranking issues.

As we grow we are constantly ensuring that the level and quality of service that we provide continues to grow with us.  We like to employ great people to be a part of the team and grow with us too.

We’ve reached a point now where we need to employ a new SEO “geek” to assist in developing great short and long-term ranking and traffic strategies for our clients.  When we say “geek” we really do mean that.

We want someone who thinks and breathes search engines, someone who questions everything and thinks up innovative solutions for when we take on clients that have been negatively impacted by those nasty black and white “not so cute” animals.  We want someone who wakes up at 4 in the morning with that “ah ha” moment, realising that we can try this technique with canonical URLs and these internal linking structures to improve rankings!

We have always been very proud of our immense technical abilities and we want someone to not just continue this aspect of the business, but also to enhance it.

Geek, intelligent, curious, experimental, hands-on, analytical…you get the picture of what we’re looking for.

Think this is you?  Think you can impress us with your understanding of the latest link-building strategies, anchor text best practices, Google Penguin and Panda symptoms and fixes?  If so then read the job spec and get in touch.  We want to hear from you.

You’ll be joining a dynamic and growing SEO company at the forefront of SEO.