We’ve Got A New Logo! Plus Five Tips For Rebranding Your Online Business

You might have noticed that we’ve gone through a bit of a makeover this week here at Artemis, with a new logo deputising on our website. The logo symbolises our determination to remain-forward thinking and achieve our general aspirations as a company.


You may also have noticed that we’ve lost the ‘Internet’ part of our name, as we look to comply with the convergence between traditional marketing strategies and SEO.

If you’re considering a rebranding process that involves a new logo, here are five tips that you can go by to really enhance the potential of your online business:

Make It Recognisable

It’s important to have a logo that can be easily recognised; otherwise you’ll just be left with confused clients that are failing to grasp the identity of your business. First-time visitors to your site will also struggle to recollect your logo should it show up somewhere else in the future. Your best bet is to go with something simple and effective.

Focus On Shape

If you look at the shape of our new logo, you’ll notice that it has a square border. This is because square logos have become vital to successful online branding campaigns. If you’re hoping for an attractive looking thumbnail as part of your social media campaign, you’re going to need a square logo unless you want to run into formatting issues that can ultimately damage the style and display of your logo.

Understand Your Brand

People who hear of your website will likely make a few online searches to see what they can come up with and the first thing they’re likely to see is your logo. If all they see is an image of your brand, whether it’s on Google images or on any kind of social media, they need to be able to interpret the ideology in some way from what they see. Therefore, it’s important to take into account what your business is looking to achieve and demonstrate what it is you do through your new logo.

Keep It Consistent

There needs to be a level of consistency within your logo to keep it looking neat and attractive. This could be anything from the font you choose to use to the colours you decide to include. For example, our new logo at Artemis is consistent with both our company name and the style we’ve gone for on our website.

Tell Your Clients

It’s important to make sure your clients know about your new logo, as it can ultimately lead to confusion. In addition, clients should always be kept up-to-date with what’s going on at your company, so keeping them informed with rebranding schemes and logo changes can strengthen the bond between company and client.