Why HootSuite is so useful

We’ve recently got our social networking sites hooked up to HootSuite, a fantastic social media management program which allows you to monitor not only your own interactions with others on social media, but also what people are talking about.

HootSuite logo

Imagine having access to a very specific slice of a network where everyone is talking specifically about your industry. You can filter through all the irrelevant tweets cluttering up your Twitter feed to find the people who need the help of someone just like you. Even better, you can find people you don’t even follow who are crying out for assistance or recommendations and jump in with some friendly advice. Find out who wants to know more about your area of expertise on Facebook, LinkedIn and even Youtube.

HootSuite can also be used to monitor attitudes towards a topic. If someone has said something good about you, you can find out. If someone is frustrated with another provider of your service, you will also know about it. It gives you a lot of power, as it gives you immediate access to all sorts of opinions without you having to tirelessly scour each individual site for for multiple hours each day.

HootSuite dashboard

HootSuite isn’t for hard sales. You shouldn’t go in all guns blazing to chase sales. Instead, use it as a means to interact and get your name heard. If potential customers find your Twitter feed full of helpful tips and conversations with people who need help, it will build trust and show that you’re an established brand who knows what it’s talking about.

We’ll be keeping a beady eye out for anyone who needs SEO and internet marketing advice on our social networking sites from now on, so look out for us!