Why is Google’s algorithm such a big secret?

One of the things people often wonder about the SEO industry is why nobody knows the algorithm Google uses to determine which sites are seen at the top. There is always a lot of speculation about the next update, and with whisperings of the next Panda update hitting soon, there are rumours flying around the internet about what may or may not appear in this algorithm update.

However, the problem is that Google doesn’t want anyone else to know exactly how it functions, and it changes so rapidly that it’s not easy to keep up. If people found out how Google decides who is seen first, it’d be far too easy for people to cheat the system and get their site to the top regardless of quality or relevance to the user. With enough money behind its SEO campaign, even the poorest quality site could see itself leapfrogging over the better-respected competition to take prime position.

Google algorithm

Google’s search algorithm is a closely guarded secret insofar as it changes so frequently that it’s hard for people to keep up. Every time a new update arrives, there is a settling in period where SEO experts need to figure out what’s been changed and how to adapt their strategy to make sure their sites don’t take a hit. While Google’s secrecy means this isn’t a precise science, true experts can still identify pretty quickly any changes that have taken place.

It’s natural that Google should want to protect its algorithm. In a way, while it’d make our job as SEO experts much easier, it might also make it trickier. If everyone knew exactly how to climb to the top spots, it’d become much more competitive and more difficult to get there. That’s why it’s better to find an SEO company who can work effectively with the knowledge available. Artemis are used to dealing with Google’s algorithm updates, so if you’re worried that you site might be hit by the potential Panda update, get in touch today and we can discuss the ways we can help you out.