Why it’s important to keep building links

An SEO link building strategy doesn’t just stop when you’ve reached the rankings you want. There’s more to it than simply saying ‘OK, this is where I want to be, I’ll stay here forever more now.’ That’s most certainly not the case.

Link building can be likened to building a house. You’ve built the house, great. But if you notice the cement is looking a bit shabby and the house starts to fall down, you don’t leave it to crumble. You add more bricks to repair it. Other websites will inevitably continue to build links, not just to climb the rankings but also to maintain their position. If you’ve reached number one in Google through a year of solid link building, that’s great, but how are you going to stay there if other people are building quality links to their own site constantly?

The building blocks of SEO

Over time, as your existing links become older, they will hold less clout with Google. Also, you may find that other websites who opt to continually develop the links they are building overtake your own in terms of collective value. Maybe they are tapping into new link building resources or are simply collecting more and more links from good websites. If you stop, you’re missing out on all these links, and giving your competitors an easy way to overtake you.

Also, if Google unleashes one of its algorithm updates, you could find yourself badly hit and having to start from scratch, whereas a website which has maintained a solid link building strategy will find it easier to recover as it will have more links in a wider variety of places.

The moral of the story is that Google waits for nobody. If its algorithm spots another website with more quality links pointing to it, Google will shunt you down the rankings, allowing your competitors to rise above you and muscle in on your competition. To find out more about link building, contact Artemis today to see what our writers do to maintain an excellent link building campaign for your site.