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The ultimate goal and aim of internet marketing is for search engines to take notice of your website. Ideally, for as many phrases and words as possible, the reality is that it is highly unlikely that this will happen unless your site has good quality optimised content.

If there is no content, how will search engines (and clients) get to grips and know what it is that you are offering. Google and others alike will ignore your site when potential clients type phrases and keywords relating to your business and you will be missing out on potential new clients.

Getting your website  indexed with great content

Unique web content for each page or page individuality is key for search engines ranking internal pages; this is why page individuality is such an important factor for SEO therefore increasing the opportunities for your internal pages showing up in the most relevant results. Your website will be able to achieve this by using our professional content writing services.

Having your website noticed by the online community can be achieved via unique, relevant and high quality SEO website content, this will enable new customers to find your website via Google, Bing and others alike, this is the import of content writing when it comes to being “picked up” by search engines, this is exactly what our content writing department are here to do for you.


Organic Keywords and Search Engines

A common mistake by many so called SEO companies is to repeat keywords an unnatural number of times, this is a no no and referred to by search engines as keyword stuffing. We write and operate in a completely different manner, by ensuring a healthy ratio of keywords in all our content writing. When taking this approach, we are working towards a long-term efficient relationship with search engines and remaining compliant as they “tweak” their settings and algorithms.

Just like in most aspects of technology, search engines are becoming smarter and more efficient, not only do they pick up on keywords, but they also pick up on their variants too. Out content writers have the natural gift and ability to make content flow, using a variety of alternatives for your keywords, therefore achieving greater exposure for your website in a natural way.

Our Content Writing Services

We are very thorough in our recruitment, training and coaching of our content writers; it is only by working in this way that we can ensure our writers are always fully up to date with the latest happenings in the world of SEO. All our work is produced in house and outsourcing forbidden, in addition to this; our team of proof-readers ensure that all our work is double checked prior to being published too.

Our lengthy experience in SEO and SEO content writing means that we can write content for a vast array of different industries. We are able to write enthralling, entertaining and informative content based on our thorough research of your services and industry.

Reduce Bounce Rate And Increase Your Leads

When a visitor lands on your website, they are usually looking for information, if your site can’t provide them with what they are looking for they will simply and very quickly click away from your site without giving it second thought and find a site that does provide them with the relevant information they are searching for.

Our content writing SEO department are very much aware of this, which is why when they are putting content together for your site, they concentrate on covering as many angles as possible. This maximises the number of visitors but also increases the number of enquiries/ sales from your site, to achieve these results, we compile interesting, relevant and high quality material maximising the use of key-phrases and keywords to drive specific traffic to your site.

For great quality content writing in both Sussex and Surrey and throughout the UK, Artemis Internet Marketing are the people you should be talking to.

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“We had tried 3 other Internet Marketing companies before we found Artemis, and it was 4th time lucky for us. They have been fantastic, always keeping us updated and doing exactly what they say they will do. Mike has been great, and very patient when having to explain things I don't understand (which is often). We approached Artemis to do the SEO for our website, and in 6 months we have seen the number of new patient enquiries double. I can't recommend them highly enough.”
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