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Google Penalty Recovery

One of the reasons for Google’s monumental success is the constantly evolving nature of its complex search algorithm combined with Artificial Intelligence. On a daily basis the search giant is making minor and sometimes major tweaks to the way it handles search queries and ranks results accordingly.

Because of these constant tweaks techniques for ranking a site for any given search term that may have worked well one week might suddenly be useless the next week.

In a worst case scenario Google can actually penalise your website for falling foul of its guidelines.

We have a great depth of understanding and experience in successfully recovering websites that have been penalised by Google and are here to assist if you’re unfortunate enough to have suffered this fate.

When a website is penalised by Google there is no warning, no explanation and no more search traffic. By pushing your site to a position of obscurity in the search results or even delisting it all together Google are essentially blacking out your shop window and removing traces of your business from the map.

If you aren’t showing up in Google you just aren’t going to be getting the flow of traffic that businesses today rely on, so recovering from your penalty is of paramount importance.

At Artemis Internet Marketing we pride ourselves on keeping as up to date as possible with all the intricacies of Google’s many regular algorithm changes and updates. We take time to keep abreast of developments at Google that can affect a site’s position, so that we are in the best possible position to restore a penalised site to former glories.

Thanks to more than fifteen years experience within search engine optimisation Artemis have gained a reputation as experts in the field of recovering from a Google penalty and have helped numerous clients to stay on the right side of Google’s ever changing guidelines.

If you’re worried that Google has penalised your website and you don’t know why, you’ll want to address the issue as quickly as possible to ensure you don’t lose any more vital traffic than absolutely necessary. This is why Artemis have a proven track record when it comes to minimising the damage caused by such a penalty, working quickly and efficiently to identify the problem and resolve it in the shortest time possible.

For total peace of mind in restoring your site to a position of significance within Google’s search results, get in touch with Artemis today and find out how we can get you back on track with the minimum of fuss.

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““Artemis took over our site and within six months we are a totally different company, bookings have doubled and unlike previous SEO companies we have dealt with in the past Artemis are always available at the end of a phone. We get monthly review meetings where we get to sit down with them face to face where we get honest feedback on what is needed to move us forward without them trying to sell us upgrades. All in all Artemis has been a great addition to the Style Marquee brand.””
Stuart Walker
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