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Great value, high quality video production at a price point that works for small businesses.

Professional online video production

Combining video content with SEO and social media network strategies is at the heart of today’s methodology for online success.

People love watching video and its great for both converting website traffic to enquiries better as well as helping your organic rankings, why? People watch the videos on your site and your time on page stats increase in Google Analytics, Google sees people are spending longer on your site and therefore its Artificial Intelligence learns that you’re serving up really relevant content your visitors are engaging with and this all gets fed into its ranking algorithms.

Video is such a great trust builder as well as it really lets you showcase your business and explain your expertise and why people should deal with you, sites that have video on them convert better, simple.



Our video production experience kicked off in 2004, and over the ensuing years we have created hundreds of video presentations, including web video commercials, training pieces, news and announcements, event reports and up to broadcast TV standard videos. Alongside this we have created and managed Internet video channels and build subscriber followings into five figures.

Many clients get nervous about being in a video, there’s no need to worry, no-one generally likes being in front of the camera but our video team are used to this and we can help script out the message and even voice over the whole production if needed.

Drone filming on location and out on-site shoots are no problem either.


Steve Joy
“We've just filmed six product review videos with Artemis. We're delighted with the results, videos look amazing, pleasure to work with the guys on the day and also importantly to me very good value for money, less than half what another company quoted us. Highly recommended if you're looking for a cost effective video solution.”
Steve Joy
Golf Swing Systems


  • 19% of businesses already use video
  • Video is the fastest growing website feature
  • Video is 53 times more likely to drive a first page search result on Google
  • Website video generates a 500% increase in visitor engagement
  • Promotional emails featuring video have a 3x higher click-through rate
  • 73% of retailers use online video, viewers are 85% more likely to buy
  • 60% of business users would watch a video before reading anything on a website
  • 75% of business users watch work-related video, of those 42% made a buying decision
  • More than 65% of the people who watch online videos are between the ages of 35 and 64 (and 67% of these people earn middle to high incomes)
  • People who watch online videos, will in turn, pass links for these videos onto their friends… turning them into viral traffic machines.
  • Your competitors are using video – it has become an integral part of the overall marketing mix
Understand your business

Understand your business

Develop a strategy

Develop a strategy

Design and Usability

Design and Usability

Technical development

Technical development

Case Studies

Cakes by Robin Site Design

Cakes by Robin

Cakes by Robin wanted to have a website that was just as stunning as the cakes she bakes. We put together a beautiful showcase site, created using a bespoke WordPress theme with the functionality that she needed. Her brand new site has not only improved her SEO but it also allows her to upload amazing examples of her work.

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