New Page Layout for FB

Facebook Launches a New Page Experience for Businesses

Last week, Facebook announced that it is rolling out a revamped Facebook page experience. This new layout includes features designed to reshape the way in which businesses can promote their brands and connect with online communities. But what exactly has changed? Let’s take a look at some of the key features that you should be aware of.

Facebook Page Update

A Dedicated News Feed

The most notable change is the introduction of a dedicated News Feed to Pages. Completely separate from personal news feeds, it will make it far easier for professionals to join industry-related conversations and online communities.

Additionally, the News Feed to Pages will also recommend new connections, pages, and groups which Facebook believes to be relevant to the page. This development will make it far easier for like-minded professionals and potential customers to engage in trending content and topical business news.

Followers are Now a Leading Factor

Another notable change is the removal of one of Facebook’s original features – “Likes”. Facebook is now focusing on the number of followers a page has as a key indicator of its strength and popularity. Consequently, businesses will no longer be able to see how many likes their page has.

A New Q&A Format

To make it easier for business owners to engage with their followers in real-time, Facebook has also launched a new text-based Q&A format. With this feature, business owners can host Q&A sessions on their page. Once answered, these Q&As will be posted on their page and followers will be able to swipe through them at a later date.

Improved Page Management Tools

The Page Management features have also had an upgrade. Admins use to be able to control any feature of a page, but this is no longer the case. Now, page managers can assign varying levels of admin permissions to manage tasks such as insights, ads and messages. This update allows admins to have greater control over who can access each admin feature, protecting the account’s safety and integrity.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Speaking of safety and integrity, Facebook has also announced that it is has improved its ability to detect any activity that violates their community standards. Alongside this, it is also making the verified badge more prevalent. These badges help users to easily determine content from an authentic and verifiable source. In an era where fake news and misinformation is permeating our news feeds, this is a welcome and necessary update.

Seamless Transition Between Personal Profiles and Professional Pages

One of the key takeaways of this update is Facebook’s intent to make this experience as streamlined and clean as possible. Switching between profiles and pages now only requires one tap. Moreover, the revamped design makes it far easier for users to see the bios of page managers and any other important information.

Final Thoughts

With these new features, it appears Facebook is trying to replicate the engagement and interaction so commonplace in personal news feeds for professional pages. This update should offer businesses new opportunities to engage and interact with their online communities.

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Ceris Davies Blog Post


We are delighted to have received another fantastic review, this time from Ceris Davies, a bespoke seamstress for bridal wear. Based in Billingshurst, Ceris Davies approached us a couple of months ago looking to both improve her online visibility and increase her enquiries for bespoke weddings dresses.

Our Approach

The team here at Artemis quickly identified two main opportunities for improvement. Firstly, a new local optimisation strategy would be required to see an increase in traffic within her local area. Secondly, restructuring the site would fix any pre-existing technical issues, improve user experience and help her site perform optimally for search. 

Ceris decided that she wanted to focus on Horsham and the surrounding area, so the team devised a local optimisation strategy that would see her online visibility increase across local search results. Artemis also set to work restructuring the site by creating more targeted optimised pages and adding more content and imagery that showcased her bespoke wedding dresses.

The Outcome? One Happy Client and a 5* Review


Ceris Davies Testimonial


It’s great to see that since implementing these changes, Ceris has already experienced an increase in enquiries. The testimonial speaks volumes regarding how pleased she is with her experience with Artemis so far, and we look forward to continuing our work with her!

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