Dec 21

Using PPC data to inform SEO

Using PPC data to inform SEO

Traditionally, SEO and PPC have been seen as very separate entities – rivals competing a bigger slice of the digital marketing budget in any given organisation. Your company’s organic search specialists will argue that SEO is a long-term strategy with better value for money and lasting effects that make a difference for your business. But […]

Dec 06

Artemis supports Kangaroos at Christmas Tree Festival

Kangaroos Christmas blog

We are delighted to be supporting our partner charity, Kangaroos, at the Cuckfield Church Christmas Tree Festival at the parish church of Holy Trinity. This year, the festival is partnering with Kangaroos to raise much needed funds for this amazing charity, so we of course wanted to be involved. Every year local businesses sponsor trees […]

Dec 05

9 Simple A/B tests you can run to improve conversions

9 Simple A/B Tests you can run to improve conversions

A lot of website owners think that the most vital part of their online business is getting traffic. While this is, of course, pretty essential, there’s actually something far more important to work towards – converting that traffic into paying customers. It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to get caught up in metrics like search […]

Nov 20

Four quick daily Google Analytics checks

Four quick daily Google Analytics checks

Here are four quick daily Google Analytics checks courtesy of Senior SEO Manager Jack Stonehouse.  Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that provides insights and data for your website traffic. It has a vast amount of useful information that you can use to ensure your business is on track. It can however […]

Nov 14

Five things to consider when optimising for mobile search

Five things to consider when optimising for mobile search

This week’s blog is provided by guest writer Vlad Koval from Ahrefs. Mobile search has been revolutionising the SEO world for several years now. Google recently rolled out their mobile-first index along with AMP (accelerated mobile pages) which led to a certain confusion among website owners and SEOs, as it was unclear how much it will […]

Nov 02

Meta description FAQs – 5 things everyone wants to know

Meta Description FAQs - 5 things everyone wants to know

We see them every day on Google’s search results pages: meta tags – the title tag that specifies the title of a web page, and the meta description underneath. But what exactly is a meta description? Is it important to have one and how do you write a good one? These and other questions pop […]

Oct 31

5 things to expect from a finance role in an SEO company

Finance role in SEO

I joined Artemis as Finance Supervisor in September 2017 – it was my first time working in an SEO company, and there were a few things I found quite different from my experience in other finance roles. If you are thinking of taking your skills in finance into digital marketing here are five things you […]

Oct 17

Four SEO quick wins every site can implement

Four SEO quick wins every site can implement

In general, SEO is much more about building for the long-term, rather than quick wins. At Artemis we take a measured and engineered approach to optimising sites, but we understand that getting results is what’s truly important. There are some things that almost every website owner with limited time can do that will make a […]

Sep 27

How your customers can add content to your website

User generated content

As marketers, we can spend all day writing about our fantastic products and services; how it works, what the benefits are and answering FAQs. But customers are increasingly savvy – they understand that any company can create great marketing copy, and where can they find content that they can really trust; customer generated content, of […]

Sep 17