Jul 03

How to choose an SEO agency

How to choose an SEO agency

Sussex Business Times recently published at article written by Artemis Business Development Manager Matt Rosine providing advice on choosing an SEO agency. Here we present the article in full:   In an industry where jargon and meaningless statistics are too often used to mask a lack of any discernible work, we feel our clients deserve […]

Jun 28

How to write better content for landing pages

Content for Landing pages

When a visitor arrives on one of your landing pages, you want to make a brilliant first impression, and the best way to do this is with fantastic written content. Your site content can make the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity, so it is something you need to take your time over […]

Jun 12

Round-up from our brilliant Learning at Work Week

Learning at work week

What a fantastic week we had last month at Artemis Marketing. We fully embraced the national Learning at Work Week event, thanks to some key staff on our team who put on a range of learning opportunities and facilitated some great pop-up learning sessions to enable staff to learn something new from each other. The […]

May 30

How your cybersecurity affects your SEO

Cyber security

Did you know that your business’ website security directly affects your SEO? Google sees many of the effects of a hack or breach as a negative ranking factor. This means that cybersecurity is not only important for the safety of your business data and assets, it can also affect your traffic from Google and other […]

May 20

A beginner’s guide to schema markup for SEO

Schema markup for SEO

What is schema? Schema is a type of structured data that allows search engines to better understand a website, page, or elements on a page. Schema markup is code that can be added to a website to define specific types of information and data. The schema allows search engines to understand and display specific pieces […]

Apr 25

Kangaroos charity raise £663 at quiz night

Kangaroos quiz

Artemis were delighted to support Kangaroos at their latest charity quiz night at the Savannah Café Bar in Haywards Heath last night. The café was packed out with supporters all desperate to show off their quiz prowess and support Kangaroos. We were really happy to be involved in raising awareness of the amazing work the […]

Apr 15

Five key takeaways from BrightonSEO 2019

Brighton SEO

A number of the Artemis team attended BrightonSEO on April 12th 2019 and came away with a number of fascinating insights into the trends surrounding the industry. Here, Account Director, Tom Hart, provides his five key takeaways from the conference. 1. You can’t ‘do’ SEO without using developers Unless you are an incredibly technical SEO, […]

Mar 27

Copywriter or Content Writer – what’s the difference?


Does your marketing strategy need the services of a copywriter or a content writer? If you didn’t realise there was a difference, you’re not alone. Many businesses believe that they’re just two names for the same thing – but they’re wrong. When it comes to hiring a writer for your online content, it’s important to […]

Mar 20

Why does UX matter so much on mobile?

UX on Mobile

In today’s blog, Artemis SEO Manager Kerry Jones examines website user experience (UX) and takes a closer look at why it matters so much on mobile. Your website may be responsive, but is it truly mobile-friendly? With Google’s switch over to mobile first indexing, user experience on mobile devices has become one of the most […]

Feb 25

The dos and don’ts of reporting


At Artemis, we provide our clients with a completely open and transparent working process. This means that we submit relevant monthly reports with details of all of the work that we have carried out over the month, as well as information on how this work has affected rankings, conversions and a full range of other […]