Apr 10

Visit to Kangaroos


With less than a week to go to the Artemis team’s charity Bike Ride to raise money for Kangaroos, I thought it a fitting time to pay a visit to one of the Kangaroos groups run for children and young adults with special needs. Last Friday, I attended the Pals group, held at the Ashenground […]

Apr 09

Google’s Core Algorithm Update

Man searching on smartphone

In March there were a couple of significant announcements made by Google which are worth discussing in more detail. These are: Core Algorithm Update Although Google makes daily changes to its algorithm, most of these changes generally have a very low impact on search results. Most people would never even notice the effects of these […]

Mar 19

Great Content Deserves Great Links

Writing on a laptop

  Here at Artemis we have always focused on helping clients acquire the highest quality and most relevant links to their websites. Links are still a very critical component for successful rankings, particularly in competitive industries. Ever since Google became the dominant search engine with its links-based algorithm, people have tried to fool Google into […]

Mar 05

Are you using jargon responsibly?

Are you using jargon responsibly?

Want to know what’s killing your content conversions? One word: jargon. We’re all familiar with management speak, like being asked to employ “360 degree thinking”, or to reach for “low hanging fruit”. Jargon isn’t just limited to these meaningless clichés though, and if you’re not careful, it could be costing you customers. ‘Jargon’ refers to […]

Feb 28

How to write great blog content in 5 easy steps

content is king

What’s the secret to writing a successful blog? This isn’t a trick question and neither should the answer come as a great surprise: Content is king. It’s obvious when you think about it from a reader’s point of view. Why would anyone read a blog post that’s boring, too difficult or too long? Wouldn’t they […]

Feb 12

Artemis Marketing supporting local special needs charity Kangaroos

Kangaroos - Amex Banner photo 2017

Reg charity no: 1150202. We are delighted to announce our partnership with local charity, Kangaroos. At Artemis we think it’s important to support our local community, and we couldn’t think of a better way than to partner with such a great charity. Kangaroos are a local charity based in Haywards Heath providing valuable support to […]

Feb 05

5 tips for writing irresistible opening sentences

Writing good content

Creating content that goes viral is every writer’s dream. It’s not just the headline of your blog post, article or web page that needs to convey your message and draw readers in. The first sentence will determine whether your readers engage with your content or bounce off. After your headline, the first hurdle of copywriting […]

Jan 22

Boost Your Conversion Rate with 5 Simple Website Changes

Desktop barchart

It goes without saying that conversions via your website are vital, but many websites skip simple tricks to boost their conversion rate. Before changing your website, you’ll want to understand and measure the levels of enquiries your website currently generates by setting up tracking. You can do this by setting up goal tracking in Google […]

Jan 02

The AI mobile world: a new era for SEO

The AI mobile world

In the future we’ll look back on 2017 as the year when the transition from a “mobile first world” to an “AI (artificial intelligence) world” truly began. In terms of SEO news and significant algorithm updates it was a very quiet year; but in the background the influence of AI was really starting to be […]

Dec 20

Is Email Marketing Effective?

Email marketing

Whether you’re using email marketing to reach your tailored target audience or to find potential new customers, there are effective techniques that are ideal for increasing higher open rates and engagement for any campaign. Many businesses rely on automated emails such as sign-up forms and welcome emails (which can be key!) rather than actually planning […]