Dec 12

Micro-moments and how they’ll affect me?

Man searching on smartphone

What are micro-moments? We live in an increasingly “right here, right now” world. Much of this is due to the fact that the majority of us these days have a smartphone to hand at all times. This means we have in our pocket the modern-day equivalent of an encyclopaedia, a phone directory, a town guide […]

Sep 14

Why Mobile Matters

Mobile Matters

  In 2016, a study found that the number of people browsing the internet on their mobile overtook desktop for the first time ever. Another article from Search Engine Land found that nearly 60% of search queries were made from mobile devices. The message is clear: mobile matters, and speed is key. Think about how […]

Aug 11

3 Schema Markup Tricks You’ll Thank Us For Later

What is Schema markup?

Have a website? You should apply Schema Markup. Why? is a powerful optimisation technique which will help search engines to understand what the data on your website actually means. It applies structure to your data and content, allowing search engines to display featured (or rich) snippets. Working with local businesses, we’ve tested quite a […]

Jul 27

Is content really king?

Content is King Illustration

We’ve all heard the phrase “content is king.” But what does it actually mean? Is it just another meaningless digital-age phrase, banded about to impress those who are digitally clueless? Well ladies and gentleman, it’s probably no surprise to learn that content is still king, and that king has never been more powerful. When it […]

Jul 17

Six tips for perfect product copywriting

Writing good content

  Whether you’re creating brand new content for an ecommerce site or just refreshing your product pages, it’s worth spending some time to get the copy right. Too many businesses copy and paste the product description from the supplier’s site or just free write whatever comes to mind when they come to upload to their […]

May 11

Don’t know what to blog about? 5 blogging tips for business owners

Blogging tips

  Believe it or not, a successful blog has the potential to become the most popular section of your website, read regularly by existing and prospective clients and widening your business appeal. In terms of SEO, a blog is the easiest way to add regular fresh content to your site. This, in turn, will improve […]

May 05

Top 5 SEO trends in 2017

Mobile First SEO

What an interesting year in SEO 2017 is already proving to be! So far we’ve seen a lot of changes. From the jokingly named Google Fred update to the increased dominance of local and personalised search, to our faster than ever push into a mobile-only world. Then there’s the speed of voice search adoption. But […]

Apr 10

Does punctuation still matter?

Punctuation error

Is it cool to leave apostrophes out? Does a missing comma matter? With the rise of social media, emojis and large-scale acceptance of an urban dictionary, it leaves me wondering if the importance of grammar and punctuation has been taken down a peg or two. But, a missing comma, or an errant apostrophe, not only […]

Mar 23

What is Google’s advice for hiring a useful SEO?

Artemis logo

As a leading Sussex based digital marketing agency, we were very interested to view Google Webmaster’s YouTube video: How to hire an SEO. It covers what an SEO does, the hiring process and wider implications. This 12-minute video by Maile Ohye explains clearly what to look for in an SEO and what makes a good […]

Mar 17

10 worst website content writing mistakes


The content of your website says a lot about your business. Companies that take the time to get their content right are more likely to make the right impression on their audience, leading to more sales and conversions. But it’s still very common to find websites that are making basic mistakes. Here are ten of […]