Mar 03

Does your start-up need a website?

start-up business need a website

  You’ve made the choice to go it alone. But now that you’ve got the whole world wide web at your feet, you may not know where to start with getting your business online. Does your start-up need a website? “…the simple answer is YES, but what should you do?” It can be pretty daunting […]

Feb 16

SEO Extensions for Chrome

Chrome Extensions

There are thousands of Chrome extensions to use when it comes to SEO, so finding the gems out of all of these is an ongoing task. I tend to add a new extension a week, but often find it has issues or just doesn’t work how I want it to. Below are my top picks […]

Feb 10
Feb 10

SEO Basics – Title Tags, what are they and how can they help?

website optimisation

When you’re browsing a website or looking through Google search results, you will without a doubt end up seeing title tags on almost every page that you click on. When done correctly, title tags can be very beneficial for you, your business and the people visiting your website. A good title tag will also improve […]

Jan 18

Top Tips For Optimising Images on Google My Business

Top Tips for Optimising Images on GMB

Many businesses lack a diverse range of images on their Google local listings, yet they are an essential element to having a well optimised Google My Business listing. Google’s algorithm will look fondly on a business with a range of well optimised photos. It’s so important that GMB Insights will even tell you how your […]

Dec 16

Internal links – what are they and how can they help?

Google Internal Links

Internal links are everywhere – you’ve probably come across plenty of them on every website you visit without giving them much thought. Internal links can be very helpful – not just for people using your site, but also for how Google sees and ranks your website. In this blog post we’ll be taking a brief […]

Nov 29

Customer Feedback – Positive Review From A Local Fireplace Company


  Artemis are delighted to have helped some great clients over the years and we are always proud when they take the time to write such amazing testimonials about the service that we’ve provided them. “They make improvements to our website, keep track of its effectiveness, make us a more visible company, in fact; they […]

Nov 22

Expanded text ads Changes January 2017

As of the 31’st January 2017, Google Ads will be changing its advertisement formatting. You will no longer be able to create Standard text ads and will now only be able to create Expanded Text Ads (ETAs). The idea of these new adverts is to get more information into the same place so that people […]

Nov 18

Optimising your Images to Improve SEO

London City Skyline

There are a lot of small ways to improve the overall optimisation of your website that many people may overlook. One way is to make sure that any images you add to your site are well optimised. A website with well optimised images will always outrank a site with poor image optimisation, so it’s important […]

Nov 03

Why Google Reviews are Fundamental to your Business

Google Reviews

You won’t be shocked to learn that online business reviews are one of the most influencing factors during a consumer’s journey. Consumers are actively researching about products and services on Google, with 3.5 billion searches per day you need to make sure your business has a fair chance of being found. Reviews on Google could […]