How to write a company blog

It can be difficult to find the time to update a blog as a business owner, but it’s a fantastic way to keep your website fresh and get your customers interested in your company. Furthermore, Google loves new content, and will start to take notice if your website is constantly being updated with new posts. However, this doesn’t mean you should post just for the sake of it. There’s an art to writing a blog your customers will love, and if you remember these key points you should create a blog your customers will value.

Write for your customers

Your blog isn’t just a platform for you to promote your business. It should be about giving something to your customer. Maybe it’s a fresh perspective on an industry-related news story, or advice, or a response to a commonly asked question, or maybe even something to entertain the reader. Whatever you choose to do, ask yourself ‘Would I want to read this?’


Keep it consistent

If you don’t think you’ll have time to blog as frequently as you’d like, at least keep it consistent. A blog post once a fortnight is better than nothing. Choose a day and a frequency and make sure you have a post ready to go. Even if you end up writing four posts in a row, you can always keep them for the future if you don’t have time to write anything new.

Share and share alike

Social media sharing buttons make the world of difference to a blog. If you’re writing content people want to read, they’ll be happy to share it with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. Funny and informative posts tend to be the most shared. This means that an entire new readership is just one click away when someone chooses to share your content – and your website – with their contacts.

Encourage conversation

Ask questions in your blog post and ask people to share their own experiences. Many blogs include the option to add a poll to your post, meaning the reader feels more involved. Always reply to blog comments to make the reader feel valued, and even if you get negative feedback, ask the reader why they feel that way. All feedback is useful, and shouldn’t be discarded.

Hopefully with these tips your company blog should flourish and grow in popularity. If you want to know more about the benefits of setting up a blog for your website, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss the world of blogging with you.