Artemis launches a range of new services

At Artemis we recently celebrated our 15-year anniversary – we’ve been in business since 2004, offering expert SEO and digital marketing services to small and medium sized businesses across the UK.

We felt that now was the perfect time to unveil an exciting range of new services, many of which have been requested by our clients. These services perfectly complement our current marketing offerings, and allow us to expand our variety of digital services to both existing and new clients.

Many clients have asked us in the past for services including video, photography, and design work, and historically we have recommended external partners – but the feedback has been clear: now is the time to bring these services in house.


We understand the importance of superb video and photography content for use on client sites and in off-site marketing materials, but great quality work needs to be available at a price point that suits our clients.

With that in mind, Artemis is now proud to offer exceptional video and photography services. Offering everything from promotional videos and tutorials to interviews and live streaming, we can combine our marketing skills with superb visual content to produce stunning work including graphics, overlays, subtitles, and more. Our videos can help develop customer confidence and increase conversion rates.

Great photography on your site is also crucial. Our new range of photography options include headshots for staff members, enticing ecommerce and product photography, and business branding – all essential in showing off the professionalism of your organisation.


We have also ramped up our in-house design and creative services and can now offer our clients a full list of options ranging from graphic design and logo creation to corporate merchandise and even full rebranding work.

These services are a crucial part of modern digital marketing and truly complement our current offerings.

If you are interested in learning more about what Artemis could do for your business, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call on 01444 645018 or email us directly at

15 years of Artemis with bespoke logo

15 years of Artemis

Artemis is proud to be celebrating our 15th anniversary.

From our origins in SEO in 2004 as a one-man operation with founder Mike Knivett, to a company of more than 30 staff, we currently help more than 120 owner-managed small and medium-sized businesses collectively generate millions of pounds of extra revenue every year.

We have become known for our exceptional organic SEO, where we are recognised as leading the market in our understanding of Google’s latest search algorithms and developments in artificial intelligence.

Our additional expertise in everything from Google AdWords to social media advertising makes us extremely proud of the work and results that we get for our clients.

Over our history we have built up a team that consists of genuine experts from across the digital industry. Artemis staff have specialisms ranging from technical SEO and link building, to PPC and content marketing.


Artemis turns 15 on the 13th July, and we are going from strength to strength as a business. Over the next few days we are looking forward to announcing a raft of new services that complement our current work. This will enhance and build our full-service digital marketing offering.

We are keen to press on – our aim is to become the go-to digital transformation agency of choice for SMEs.

Our services are perfect for growing businesses looking to make the most of the huge opportunity that online marketing offers for increasing enquiries, sales, and revenue. We can also help businesses save money and work more efficiently through the adoption of digital methodology and moving on from legacy systems.

Round-up from our brilliant Learning at Work Week

What a fantastic week we had last month at Artemis Marketing. We fully embraced the national Learning at Work Week event, thanks to some key staff on our team who put on a range of learning opportunities and facilitated some great pop-up learning sessions to enable staff to learn something new from each other.

The week kicked off with a team breakfast and a talk about the past presence and future of Artemis from our MD, Mike Knivett in line with this year’s event theme ‘Shaping the Future’. A team meeting was followed by a fascinating and insightful look at the future of SEO by our incredibly knowledgeable Technical Director, Justin Aldridge.


From Tuesday to Friday we started our learning drive with healthy breakfast smoothies while we picked up inspiration from a selection of TED talks. Smoothies were yummy, the talks interesting, and it created a real buzz at the beginning of each day. This learning lark is a lot of fun!


On Tuesday we were zinged into action with Maxine’s awesome Turmeric and ginger shots. Julia’s smoothies for the rest of the week included a beetroot, strawberry and mint concoction (mm mmm), an avocado, pear and ginger thickie (an Artemis favourite) and last but by no means least, a chocolate and blueberry smoothie with a healthy helping of cinnamon and nutmeg (delicious). It took a team of early-rising smoothie makers in our kitchen to get these freshly made each day (well done smoothie team – you were awesome).


Our Ted talk selection included How to be Team Human in the digital future by Douglas Rushkoff

Some rather worrying insights from Pablos Holman “Top Hacker shows us how it’s done”

A brilliant reminder to us all on the power of appreciation by Mike Robbins

And finally, an inspirational snippet on how to make small and sustainable changes in your life by Mike Cutts with his talk, Try something new for 30 days


On Tuesday lunch-time Jack, one of our brilliant Senior SEO managers, shared his medical knowledge (he’s also a volunteer Community First Responder for the South East Coast Ambulance Service), by putting on a Defibrillator training session.



Our Wednesday lunch-time learning session was run by our card-playing expert Ciso on Poker, the basics. We played with real chips, but no money was exchanged (thankfully as I wasn’t very good!).

With a real buzz building throughout the week, our Rewards and Recognition team (part of our new Pride and Belonging initiative) were tasked with recognising everyone in the company.

Staff completed questionnaires earlier in the week to record how colleagues had helped them overcome a difficulty, grow in their role or learn something new. Anonymous comments were read out and each team member received a lucky dip prize. It was a fantastic session which had everyone smiling and feeling fully appreciated, with hilarious prizes and lots of clapping.


Throughout the week staff made Learning at Work Week origami butterflies to record a personal and a work learning aspiration. The Butterflies are pinned on our notice board and will be shared this week. They will also be recorded in each employees’ HR file for action later.


We finished the week with the usual Artemis enthusiasm for trying something new by changing up the menu at our end of week team lunch, offering a wide selection of vegan, gluten-free and diary-free options to honour inclusivity.

What a great week! A big thank you to all of those who helped make it happen! It has been great to mark the importance of continual learning at work.

Kangaroos charity raise £663 at quiz night

Artemis were delighted to support Kangaroos at their latest charity quiz night at the Savannah Café Bar in Haywards Heath last night. The café was packed out with supporters all desperate to show off their quiz prowess and support Kangaroos.

We were really happy to be involved in raising awareness of the amazing work the charity does in running clubs and fun activities for children and young adults in Sussex with learning disabilities. It was great to see some of the Kangaroos’ parents at the event too.

This year is the charity’s 25th anniversary year and fundraising has been stepped up to raise an extra £100,000 to provide members with an amazing ‘Memory of a Lifetime’ experience. Overnight trips to Disneyland Paris, Centerparcs and Alton Towers have been arranged, as well as some great day trips to London and other places for those not confident enough to spend nights away from parents and home. This is truly an exciting and great year for all of the Kangaroos members.

The quiz night was a resounding success and raised a whopping £663.50. Artemis were delighted to donate a party hamper filled with snacks and drinks fit for any summer barbecue. It made first prize in the raffle and was gratefully received by the raffle winners. We were also pleased to provide a bag of goodies for the forthcoming parents and carers pamper event.

As far as quiz nights go, we’ve done better! We started the evening with aplomb, playing blinders in the first two rounds, but things slowly started to go downhill (I blame the distraction of food). Our Mid Sussex knowledge definitely needs work, but we made up points in our last round on music. We may not have won the first prize, but one of our teams did get a surprise consolation (6 bottles of wine) – and no we weren’t last (just)!

Well done and thanks to the Artemis quizzers! I hope you’ll agree a good night was had by all. We will continue to support Kangaroos, our charity of choice. Our Artemis golfers are looking forward to defending their title at the Kangaroos charity golf event at Mid-Sussex golf club on 10th May. We are also planning a sponsored walk to tie in with our new Health & Well-being at work initiative soon!

Five key takeaways from BrightonSEO 2019

A number of the Artemis team attended BrightonSEO on April 12th 2019 and came away with a number of fascinating insights into the trends surrounding the industry. Here, Account Director, Tom Hart, provides his five key takeaways from the conference.

Brighton SEO

1. You can’t ‘do’ SEO without using developers

Unless you are an incredibly technical SEO, you cannot work successfully on a website without the help of a developer. And not just any developer, it has to be a developer who understands what you need and can implement it without causing any issues to the site.

Polly Pospelova’s talk on trying to hit a 100% Lighthouse report score really drove this home.  The recommendations that come out of a Lighthouse report are not ones that your average SEO will be able to handle.  So, having a developer on hand to make those changes isn’t just a nice to have it is necessary in order to be proficient at SEO in 2019.

2. Leads can come from anywhere

Gregg Gifford who always delivers high energy, relevant and insightful talks, was again on point. Those of you who have seen him speak before will know he isn’t somebody you want to miss.

Along with being a great speaker he really knows his stuff and there are invariably going to be takeaways from his talks that you didn’t necessarily realise before. He showed how 40% of the questions in the Q&A area on one of his clients GMB pages were actually leads. With such a high percentage of leads coming from this avenue it is vital to make sure these are being tracked and dealt with.

3. The takeover of voice search

Is voice search actually taking over?  There seemed to be very little mention of voice search in the talks I was present in. This might be slightly surprising given the figures that are banded around when people want to argue about voice search.

Maybe it wasn’t mentioned because people are still not sure how to optimise for it. Maybe the traffic you get from voice search has little value in terms of conversions. Or maybe it just isn’t growing at the rate we are led to believe. In John Mueller’s keynote session he was indicating that a lot of voice searches are still very simplistic or even commands to your device, ‘what is the time’, ‘play Spotify’ or ‘what is the weather forecast’.  It seems we may still be some way from a full-blown voice search generation.

Talk at BrightonSEO

4. Where were the mentions of mobile?

While with voice search I can understand why it wasn’t really mentioned, but are people really still ignoring mobile? A lot of slides that I saw just gave examples of websites on desktop screens even now when we so clearly live in a mobile-first world.

Anybody not taking mobile search seriously isn’t taking SEO seriously.  It doesn’t matter if you still get the majority of your traffic through desktop it is the mobile version of your website that you need to concentrate on.

5. John Mueller is a black belt in giving nothing away

Last year’s keynote session with John Mueller was a procession of inane questions that he could quite easily bat away without revealing anything. Somebody even asked is Google male or female. You have somebody who works in the inner sanctums of Google, is that really the best question to ask him!?

This year was far better and the questions that were put to him far more insightful and probing. There were numerous silences where you could see John didn’t immediately know how to answer. And while he maybe expected the questions, Hannah Smith did a great job of not letting him off the hook too easily. He did however, with great skill and poise, manage to say a lot, but reveal very little.






Account Director Tom Hart: My First Year at Artemis

Account Director Tom Hart has had an exciting first year at Artemis. In this blog he shares his experiences and thoughts from working at the company:

Artemis yachting day

Since joining Artemis just over a year ago I thought it was a good time to look back and reflect on my time here so far.

There are some clever people out there

My previous roles have been full of great people who give everything to make the job and the company a success. At Artemis we have a company full of that but also some insanely clever people.  And surrounding yourself with people like this can only help. I learn more in half an hour of watching our Technical Director work than I possibly could reading any SEO books.

Never stop learning

One of the things I enjoy most is that SEO it always evolving and never stands still. Every day Google is tweaking and refining the algorithms that determine search results meaning if you stop learning you get left behind, quickly. Of course, Google engineers will never reveal, and in the modern world of AI, perhaps don’t even know, how to make a website rank well. So, you have to take it upon yourself to do everything you can to keep up to date with how search engines are evolving.

Kangaroos Charity Golf Day - Tom Hart 3

Working for a good company

As a company we sponsor Kangaroos, a local charity who do fantastic work with local children who have learning difficulties. We have done various events through the year which has helped them raise a great amount of money which allows them to keep delivering the invaluable opportunities and days out for the local children. So far, we have taken part in a bike ride (25 miles almost broke me), a golf day (which I won and made paper, casual) and a picnic and cake sale (thoroughly enjoyable).

Take every opportunity you can

If a company is willing to invest in you and help you excel take it, both as a person and an employee.  At Artemis we want all our staff to push themselves and succeed, so training sessions and business coaching is a regular thing. Both external and internal training takes place regularly. Pretty much the whole office now has their own personal websites that have built from scratch with the help of the technical team.

Kangaroos - Team Artemis

Artemis supports Kangaroos at Christmas Tree Festival

SEO stardom Christmas tree

We are delighted to be supporting our partner charity, Kangaroos, at the Cuckfield Church Christmas Tree Festival at the parish church of Holy Trinity. This year, the festival is partnering with Kangaroos to raise much needed funds for this amazing charity, so we of course wanted to be involved.

Every year local businesses sponsor trees at the festival and half of the funds raised go to the chosen charity. Businesses are invited to decorate a tree in the church either to a Christmas theme or to represent their organisation.

The first festival was held in 2003 and due to its tremendous success, it has become an annual event the local community look forward to every year.

Artemis have sponsored a tree at this year’s festival for the first time in support of Kangaroos. We decided on our theme ‘SEO stardom’ and to represent the ethical side of our business we voted to handmake all of our Christmas decorations (not a plastic decoration in sight!). Well done to the Artemis crafters! You did a great job!

Artemis team makes decorations

A bunch of the Artemis team have been busy over the last few weeks getting together (at the pub) to make a zillion stars (well not a zillion, but it felt like it!) and today we headed down to the church to decorate our tree, ready for the festival which runs over this coming weekend (Friday 7th December – 9th December).

We were blown away by the wonderful displays and we think we did an amazing job with our tree too.

Please go and support Kangaroos this weekend. There is a rich music programme running all weekend with choirs, instrumental performances and singers. See the programme of events here. We can’t recommend this event highly enough.

Pop in and see our tree. Some of the Artemis team will be there on Saturday afternoon helping out on the Kangaroos stall. Do come and say hello if you can make it. It’s the perfect event to get you in the Christmas spirit.

We’ve been really proud of our efforts to support Kangaroos over the course of 2018, raising nearly £6.5K. Kangaroos run fun and social activities in a supported setting for children and young adults with learning disabilities and we know how much this charity means to the young people and families who use their services.

We are looking forward to working with Kangaroos in 2019, which will be their 25th anniversary year and hope to smash our fundraising target of £6K again next year.


Artemis cake sale and picnic by the pond

Picnic by the pond


Team spirit is brimming over at Artemis this week after our brilliant picnic by the pond last Friday. The event was organised by our CSR Manager, Julia, to raise funds for local charity Kangaroos, who we are partnered with. The charity runs fun clubs and outings for children and young adults with disabilities in Mid Sussex and they rely heavily on donations to contribute to their operating costs.

We’ve been partnered with the charity since the end of 2017 and we are always looking for fun ways to help raise much-needed funds for this brilliant organisation. Our cake sale raised a magnificent £270.80, which takes our total raised for the charity this year to £6,083.52 – wow!

Picnic by the pond

We are so very lucky to be working in the beautiful Sussex countryside, so a cake sale made perfect sense to give us some time out to enjoy a lazy lunch by the pond and catch the last of the summer sun before autumn sets in. And it was a great chance to get to know our neighbours better too, so all of the businesses here at Danworth Farm were invited along.

Picnic by the pond

Last week began with some carefully orchestrated lists of who was to bake what and picnic food requirements were divvied out to the team. We had everything crossed that the weather would hold out and it did.

The cake offering was amazing with everything from beautiful apple cakes baked by Nicole, to deliciously moreish chocolate and raspberry cake lovingly prepared completely gluten-free by Julia, and scrumptious bread pudding slabs made by Samantha from Kangaroos. There were many more, so sorry I can’t mention you all here! They were all yummy, judging by the delirious grins and crumb-filled laps afterwards!

We had lots of savoury snacks too, including a generous array of sandwiches donated by our MD, Mike Knivett. Everyone in the Artemis team contributed in some way and it was great testimony to the way we work and support each other.

Picnic by the pond

We were bowled over by the generosity of everyone who attended. Kangaroos are delighted and so are we! A big thank you to the Artemis team who pulled a stupendous spread of food out of the bag, and for the picnic essentials, such as gazebo and chairs loaned to us by Matt, one of our account managers who also happens to be a hog roast catering extraordinaire.

Thank you to the other businesses who came, gave generously and hopefully enjoyed the gathering. It was great to meet you all. Huge thanks to Geo Environmental, Beauty Concepts, Pet Id Microchips and Cutters Barn for your donations. We hope you enjoyed the cakes and our company! Let’s do it again next year.

Picnic by the pond


Picnic by the pond

Office update

Office countdown – the work continues

Work on our brand new office continues and the team at Artemis is looking forward to getting started working in our new (temporary) home.

Office update


If all goes to plan the new office will be ready for us in just four weeks time.

Office update


The windows and doors are in place, as is the decorative wooden cladding.

Office update


Office update


Check back onto our blog soon for further progress updates on the new Artemis office.

Artemis supporting Kangaroos

11 reasons why you would love to work at Artemis

Do you have a passion for digital marketing and a career track record to match? Are you ready to shine in a fast paced client focused environment, working with other dynamic, friendly professionals who are committed to excellence in everything they do?

Artemis is growing rapidly and we are currently looking for exceptional individuals to join the team. If you are contemplating your next career step in technical SEO, web development, content writing, outreach or account management, Artemis could be the perfect place for you. Here are 11 excellent reasons why.

1. Rapid ongoing business growth and opportunities

Now is an exciting time to join Artemis. We are expanding rapidly and about to move into brand new offices. We have been working with one of the leading creative agencies in the South to create a vibrant, progressive new brand image for the company, to be launched in October of this year. Over the next three years, we plan to target aggressive business expansion, which means phenomenal opportunities for the right candidates.

2. A highly talented, commercially driven and quality focused team

At Artemis, you’ll be working with high-calibre individuals who are passionate about what they do. You will find us to be a friendly, close-knit team of professionals all pulling together to deliver the best service possible to our clients every single day. The technical excellence and innovative approach of our SEO team, the exceptional communication and service delivery of our Account Managers, and the creative input and quality output of our Content and Outreach departments are testimony to the high quality of our work.

Work at Artemis 1


3. A wealth of company benefits

In addition to a competitive salary, there are a number of great company benefits on offer at Artemis. Once you’ve settled into your role and you’re eligible, you’ll benefit from our annual bonus scheme and contributory pension scheme, get an extra day’s holiday on your birthday, subsidised gym membership and eye care vouchers. We are committed to making Artemis a great place to work and we wholeheartedly support the well-being of all our staff.

4. Ranked 1st out of nearly 1,500 SEO companies

At Artemis, we are not content to be among the top performing companies, we aim to take the crown. We are extremely proud of the outstanding results we achieve for our clients, our unrivalled client retention rate and our industry leading reporting methods. As a company, we have worked hard to establish ourselves at the forefront of the digital marketing industry and we have every intention of staying ahead of the curve.

5. A supportive environment and a commitment to CPD

Every day presents new challenges and new opportunities for problem solving and learning. We provide a supportive learning environment and continuous peer-to-peer training. We are committed to the long-term professional development of each team member. Every employee has their own Personal Development Plan, which is reviewed on a regular basis. We understand that if our employees flourish and grow, we as a company do better.

6. Offices based in the beautiful Sussex countryside

You’ll find our offices on the outskirts of one of the prettiest villages in Mid Sussex. Hurstpierpoint has a picturesque High Street with lots of period buildings, quirky shops and the odd nice pub and wine bar too. We’re located on a converted farm in serviced office buildings surrounded by open countryside, yet strategically placed only 10 miles from Brighton and a 5-minute drive from the A23. When the weather is nice, we take our lunch-breaks by the pond! In the winter we like to do walking-meetings in our wellies!

Sussex countryside


7. Team building and social events are important

All work and no play is not how we do things at Artemis. We understand the importance of bonding as a team, both professionally and personally, and value the fun we have on our corporate social events. To give you a flavour, this year we organised a Yachting Day on the Solent and a luxury Spa Day. Then there’s the annual Christmas Party as well as various charity events we sponsor and support that everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in.

Artemis yachting day on the Solent


Artemis yachting day


Artemis spa day


8. We believe in doing the right thing

We are a socially responsible business committed to supporting our local community. We are partnered with local charity, Kangaroos, who run fun clubs and activities for children and young adults with learning disabilities in Mid Sussex. We support the charity through a range of fundraising activities. So far this year we’ve raised over £6,000 by taking part in the Haywards Heath Bike Ride and entering a team into Kangaroos’ annual golf tournament. We also recently had a great night out at Bolney Wine Estate at a fundraising fashion show.

Artemis supporting Kangaroos


Artemis team at charity fashion show


Artemis competing in charity golf event


9. We care about the environment

At Artemis, we genuinely care about our footprint and the impact we have on the environment and the community around us. Individually and collectively, we know we can make a difference. We are fully committed to recycling and we operate plastic-free Friday in the office to increase awareness about plastic pollution (it’s not mandatory, but gently encouraged). We are also working towards becoming a carbon neutral business.

Coffee pod recycling


Environmentally-friendly products


10. No chance to get bored

There’s no time to get bored or to stand still at Artemis. We work hard, we work enthusiastically and we are always seeking ways to improve the way we do things. In our fast-paced environment, you will have the opportunity to work on amazing projects for a range of industries – from professional services to interior designers, ecommerce businesses, IT specialists, lifestyle and travel sites and beyond. We encourage collaboration so you will also get the chance to work with different departments on certain projects.

11. Our culture is great

At Artemis, productivity and the high quality of our work is the direct result of happy committed employees, which we foster through a range of employee engagement initiatives. We believe in teamwork and supporting each other, with problems being viewed as opportunities for improvement and growth. Above all, we work with honesty, integrity and respect to achieve the best possible results for our clients, while doing everything we can to bring out the best in each of our team members.

Artemis logo

If you’re curious to find out more about career opportunities at Artemis and think you have what it takes to be part of our high calibre team, please get in touch. We are looking for enthusiastic, highly motivated individuals who are great team players and have the ability to perform well under pressure in a fast paced commercial environment. If you can demonstrate initiative and adaptability, as well as great communication skills and excellent attention to detail, we would love to hear from you.